Izzy's Shop Welcome
Izzy's Fashion Shop is located at Parkside. Izzy creates randomized designs for 20 fashion gems.

There are 4 elements that make up an item: Clothing design, Color, Visual effect, and Boost effect. It costs 16+ gems to retry, and each pinned item increase the amount by a certain amount of gems.

Each sim can earn a maximum of 9 gems per week.

Wearing Izzy items

Clothes Izzy Items Belle

Sims can choose any one Izzy item to wear at a given time. This sim is wearing a shirt called "Flirty Sleeveless Boat Neck of Deliciousness."

Sims can wear 1 Izzy item at a time. The item will boost a certain trait if the sim has it (and otherwise confer no benefit).

To change a sim's appearance, a player can tap the white and blue button with a person icon, at the bottom left of the screen. Then the player can tap the blue "Change Appearance" button at the bottom left of the screen. From there, the player can choose "Style" and the final menu item, "Izzy's Special Creations."


Preview Name Visual Effect
Fiery Flames
Angelic White Glowing Wings
Dazzling White Sparkles
Amethyst Sparkle Violet Sparkles
Emerald Sparkle Green Sparkles
Topaz Sparkle Yellow Sparkles
Coral Sparkle Yellow Sparkles
Ruby Sparkle Pink Sparkles
Sapphire Sparkle Blue Sparkles
Cosmic Revolving Planets
Flirty Pink Hearts & White Sparkles
Cherubic Cupid Rabbit Stickers
Electric Blue Sparks of Lightning
Retro Rubix Cubes & Polygons
Moody Dark Raincloud
Hazy Dirtcloud
Fluttery Blue Butterflies
Bubbly Bubbles
Floral White Flower Crown
Flashy Flashing Bright Lights 
Whimsical Brown and Violet Birds

Clothing List

Preview Name Gender Exclusivity
Tank Top Male None
Button-Up Male None
Crop Top Male Fashion Shop
Bow Tied Top Female Cash
Distressed School Uniform Male Fashion Shop
Textured Suit Male
Duffle Coat Male
Plunge Maxi Female
Superhero Bodysuit Male Fashion Shop
Superhero Bodysuit Female Fashion Shop
Fitted Pants Male
Layered Ensemble Male
Sleeveless Boat Neck Female
Fairy Dress Female Fashion Shop


The suffix boosts a sim's trait by 1 star.

Effects are at 1 star and match the icons of traits, requiring an existing trait in order to take effect. No description is available upon obtaining the fashion item, but it can be assumed they share the same effect. See Traits for full details.

Preview Suffix Trait Affected Boost Effect
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Generous Better Daily Rewards.
File:Party Animal.jpg
Fun Party Animal Bonus Party XP at parties
Fortune Lucky Bonus XP when at home.
Ambition Ambitious Better at 

All Careers

Deliciousness Foodie Better at 

the Barista and Culinary Careers

Creativity Creative Better at 

the Fashion and Photography Careers.

Wisdom Genius Better at

the Medical  Career.

Fame Kind of a Big Deal Better at 

the DJ Career.

Charisma Charismatic Better at 

the Business and Law Careers.

Flair Talented Better at 

All Hobbies.

Vitality Active Better at the Yoga Hobby
Rhythm Musical Better at the Guitar and Piano Hobbies.
Skill Artisan  Better at the Cooking and Writing Hobbies
Benevolence Good Bonus when being Friendly with others.
Love Flirty Bonus when being Flirty with others.
Wickedness Mean Bonus when being Insulting with others.
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Outgoing Better at Friendly Events
Passion Alluring Better at Romantic Events.
Victory Competitive Better at Rival Events
Thievery Pickpocket Sneak a few Simoleons when interacting with others.
Harmony Attuned Better at the Wellness Guru Career.
Innovation Tinkerer Better at the Surgeon and Space Explorer Careers.
Fitness Athletic Better at the Dance Instructor Career.


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